Long after mankind had been wiped from the face of the planet, thanks to a combination of environmental and technological factors, the robots that now controlled everything discovered they weren't as happy as they ought to be. They realised that they missed the company of organic men and women. So they attempted to recreate the human race by experimenting in their laboratories with genetic material.

Unfortunately none of the experiments were successful. One morning, a robot associated with one of the most important labs was gliding along an elevated walkway when he came upon another robot that was sewing rags together into shirts, trousers and coats. “What are you doing, wasting time with those scraps?” the first robot cried.

The second robot didn't stop working but merely rasped, “I read in an old book that clothes maketh the man, so it occurred to me that if I make the clothes first, then they can do the rest.”

¶ Only a fool takes seriously the advice of proverbs.