A walrus blew a slobbery kiss at a mermaid; she caught it and blew it at a passing ship; the ship kept it for a few hours and then blew it at a dolphin; the dolphin played with it until it got bored and then blew it at a jellyfish; the jellyfish thought it was a sarcastic gesture and didn’t really want it, so it blew it at a squid; the squid was learning to juggle and tossed it up high in its tentacles but failed to catch it.
         So the slobbery kiss was free at last! It drifted away.
         Shortly before sunset it spied another slobbery kiss on the horizon that was coming its way, so it cried out:
         “Isn’t it a dreadful fate to be a slobbery kiss?”
         “Why is that?” asked the stranger.
         “Because we get blown here, there and everywhere!”
         “Only if you are an old-fashioned slobbery kiss with sails to catch the breath of those who blow us. Look at me! I am a more modern slobbery kiss and I’m fitted with paddlewheels!”
         “That’s amazing! So you never get blown around?”
         “Nope. You should upgrade too…”
         “Are there no disadvantages?”
         “Um… Now you mention it… My deck does seem to be infested with minstrels who play the banjo all night!

¶ Be kind to slobbery kisses, they have feelings too.