A myopic triangle that had gone to university to study economics became friendly with a segment and one day said, “Will you come dancing with me tonight? Then maybe we could go for a walk in the moonlight. I like you very much, to be perfectly candid.”

The segment blushed. “I must reject your amorous proposal for the simple reason that we're not compatible.”

“What do you mean? We are both young triangles.”

The segment shook its head. “I'm not. You must be very shortsighted indeed. One of my sides is curved. I'm a segment, part of a circle. In fact I came to university in the first place to graduate as a complete circle, but it's taking a very long time, I'm afraid.”

“Pardon my mistake!” cried the mortified triangle.

“I have been at this university for a hundred years already,” sighed the segment, “and I probably won't leave for another century or two. I have studied so many subjects I feel sick!”

“But why can't you graduate sooner than that?”

The segment answered sadly, “Because to become a proper accredited circle I require exactly 360 degrees.”

¶ An uneducated circle only turns stomachs.