There was a Möbius Strip who resented the fact he only had one side and one edge. “Fancy being a two-dimensional entity in a three-dimensional universe!” he grumbled. “It’s very unfair.”

He was so upset by his condition that he begged a passing scissors to snip him in half. The scissors wanted to decline, but the Möbius Strip was determined. “Very well, here we go!”

The blades clashed together, severing fibres.

The Möbius Strip straightened himself with pleasure. “Now I’m the same as any length of normal fabric!”

A few weeks later he was visited by a Klein Bottle who said, “How disappointing! I was planning to invite you to join an influential society of unusual shapes and solids, but I see that you are nothing more than a glorified ribbon. What’s more, someone or something has cut your brain in half. So you’re no use at all to me!”

¶ If you have a twisted personality, accept and enjoy it.