Two Buddhists started arguing one evening after a session of meditation. The first Buddhist said, “I bet any money that I’ve just reduced my ego by a greater percentage than you!”

“Rubbish!” responded the second Buddhist. “I shrank my own ego by no less than 36% in that session…”

“That’s nothing! I reduced mine by 42%, you sissy!”

They began fighting with fists.

“I bet any money I’m more compassionate than you!”

“Take that! I’m the gentle one!”

“Ouch! Taste my boot!”

“I have. It has a flavour of worldly attachment.”

“You pompous buffoon!”

“Argh! Ugh! Eek!”

¶ This is based on a true story. I really did meet a Buddhist who liked to brag about how much he had reduced his ego that week.