There was a hare that lived on a scalp. The scalp belonged to an odd-job man called Tim who kept a fish in a bowl of water. The fish was in the habit of mocking the hare. “Hey, big ears!”

The hare ignored the insults and declined to reply.

“Hey, big ears!” persisted the fish.

But the ears on the side of Tim’s head thought the fish was referring to them. Distraught by the constant taunting, they decided to leave and find another skull to attach themselves to.

Tim was furious when he discovered what had happened. “How can I hear anything without ears?” he cried.

“I’m sure you’ll manage,” answered the fish.

“What did you say?” asked Tim.

The hare had no desire to live on the scalp of a deaf man, so it jumped right off and went hitchhiking instead.

¶ Keep your hare on!