A windmill that was fixed to its base liked to daydream about changing his career. Because he couldn’t move, his first name was Sessile; because he had two tiny windows for eyes, his middle name was Beady; because he was a windmill his surname was Mill.

“I’m fed up with turning in the wind all day,” he sighed.

A fox and carrot happened to be passing and they asked him, “If that’s the case, what would you rather be?”

“A film director,” came the reply.

The fox was highly amused. “But do you know anything at all about the movie business? It’s a very competitive field. And how would you pay your actors and finance your projects?”

“With bread. I make plenty of it,” said Sessile Beady Mill.

“Fair enough,” conceded the carrot.

¶ It’s acceptable to be corny if the end result is dough.